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Calderdale                                   Clapton, London

​Care & Support Workers needed for established Teams in Calderdale, West Yorkshire

We are actively hiring passionate, reliable care and support workers to join established Equal Care Teams across Calderdale!

Joining an established team as an independent worker is a great way to understand how we work, find your feet and start giving better-paid, relationship-centred care and support that's personal to you.

Details of these Teams can be found below. If you'd like to have a conversation about joining one of them, follow the link below to express your interest and then respond to the confirmation email you receive, stating which team you are interested in joining.

No agencies please. We will not respond.

Two care and support workers urgently needed to support a man in Todmorden

We're looking for two people who can support a man who likes to get out and about, loves trains and Batman! 

  • Provide assistance with personal care and accompany him on outdoor activities.
  • Daytime shifts with flexible hours (around 10 am to 4 pm).
  • Previous experience in epilepsy management preferred.
  • Ideally an experienced and physically fit support worker (open to both male and female applicants).
  • Availability for daytime shifts.

Join a new, growing team supporting a young, wonderful woman in Sowerby Bridge

  • Provide friendly and compassionate support to a young woman living independently in Sowerby Bridge.
  • Work alongside others in a complex care team where appropriate training will be provided and different levels of experience will be taken into account.
  • Help with mobility using an electric wheelchair and support her during her day center activities.
  • Thursday: 3:30pm to 10pm & 4pm - 10pm 
  • Friday: 3-10pm
  • Saturday: 9-4pm & 3-10pm & 10pm-7am
  • Sunday (alternate) - 7-9am & 9-4pm & 4pm-10pm (Or you could do a full shift on Sunday which would be 7am till 10pm )
Further details:
  • Has her own car so drivers are ideal but not essential.
  • Female support workers only.
  • Full training provided.

We're seeking compassionate individuals to support a remarkable gentleman in Walsden. With a history in fell running and living with MND, he requires dedicated care and companionship.

Support Needs:

🌟 Assist with daily activities and provide companionship.

🌙 Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights: 10pm - 11pm.

About the Individual:

A wonderful gentleman with a passion for fell running, now navigating life with MND from a wheelchair. Your support can make a significant difference in his life.

Join Us:

If you're compassionate, understanding, and committed to providing high-quality care, we'd love to hear from you! Join our team and make a meaningful impact in Walsden.

A well-established team are looking for new members in Mytholmroyd (Weekend hours and Monday and Wednesday evenings 4pm-8pm)

An established team in Mytholmroyd is looking for extra members. The person looking for some more members in her team is an activist, a feminist and great fun! 

Jools has a progressive condition which means she cannot always use her voice and she communicates using an iPad and a letter board. She needs some help with moving in and out of her bed and seating and with showering and personal care. 

Jools gets tired easily now but she still enjoys her daily walk and loves interesting conversation about all manner of things: arts, politics and more! 

Her support is 24/7 in four hour slots. The ideal person would be flexible and would have some weekend availability. She lives centrally in Mytholmroyd and her home is easily accessible by public transport. Open to male or female members.

We're on the lookout for a new member to join a wonderful care team in Heptsonstall, providing evening support for an independent and fascinating woman. 

🚺 Support needed with transfers, including wheelchair, stairlift, toilet seat, and bed using stand aids.

🤲 Many transfers are independent, with a caregiver present for support and guidance.

🏠 Some basic household tasks involved, like laundry and light chores.

🕐 1-hour evening calls, starting preferably from 10 pm onwards.

📅 Support required daily, starting ASAP.

♂♀ We welcome both male and female support.

🚗 Ideal for drivers or avid walkers, easily accessible by bus from central Hebden.

🤹 Experience in moving and handling is crucial, but we also value a relaxed and flexible approach, encouraging positive risk-taking to foster her strength and independence.

🗣 Enjoy intellectual discussions during your time together – she loves a good chat!

🐱 Must be comfortable with cats and a chinchilla.

🌃 7 nights and 90-minute morning shifts (starting around 9 am on Wednesdays, with Mondays possibly becoming available).

⏰ Night shifts ideally start around 10 pm, with preferred durations to be clarified.

If you think you might be interested, please get in touch with us and we'll arrange a chat.

​Care & Support Workers - Clapton, London

We are freezing recruitment in London for the time being. Thank you to everyone who has applied for one or a number of our Teams in Clapton.

A new team is looking for new members to support a woman and enable her to remain part of the community in Clapton

What the Team Owner is looking for:

"I am looking for another member of the local community to join my team as a personal assistant for 2-5 hrs a week. My current team is based in neighbourhoods around Clapton Common and is made up of friends, family members, volunteers, local community members and care workers. This team focuses on my quality of life needs:

🍽️Preparing and cooking home-cooked meals

🛍️Doing shopping, housekeeping and laundry

🫂Staying connected to the local community and socialising with people

⛪Getting to and from St Thomas Church Mass on Wednesday mornings and Sunday mornings

💛Reflecting on my life's work, my passions, love and losses"

🌟About the Team Owner🌟

"I am an 84-year-old Jamaican woman who has been living in the UK since 1959. Since I was a child I have been caring and supporting others and serving the community in the UK and Jamaica. As a community leader, I have travelled and met and worked with some very interesting public figures and leaders both locally, nationally and internationally. I have some wonderful stories to tell about these experiences.

"For many years my home was a community hub and there was always food prepared and a pot on the stove in my home for people to enjoy. Healthy home-cooked food is one of my languages of love. I have had many professional roles over my life, including a dressmaker as a young teenager, a florist and a Pharmacist in the NHS for many years. As a lay preacher at St Thomas Church, I led Mass and funeral services. As a trained florist I also arranged the flowers at weddings, funerals and other community events. Due to long-term health conditions, the loss of my husband 6 years ago, the recent pandemic and a recent move away from my home of 40 years my life has changed dramatically. You will be joining a team that is focused on helping me to stay connected to the people, places and things that matter most to me during these challenging times."

We're on the lookout for female care and support workers to join a new care team in Clapton, providing connection and companionship to a London-born veteran

What the Team Owner is looking for:

"I am seeking a friendly and compassionate care worker for 2-4 hours a week to share stories, laughter, and support my independence. The team I am building will be about more about genuine connection, companionship and sharing memories and experiences than just getting care tasks done. 

"My new care and support worker needs to feel confident helping me wash and shower in a way that helps me overcome self-consciousness with supportive encouragement. I am seeking female care only. I am flexible about what time but would prefer visits in the evening after around 6pm."

🌟About the Team Owner🌟

"Hello, I'm a London-born veteran with a story to tell, and I'm on the lookout for a care and support worker who appreciates my unique journey through life and wants to get to know me over the course of my care. My experiences have shaped me, and I'm eager to connect with someone who is curious about my life and interested in being a friend, companion as well as a care worker. 

"Recently I have developed neuropathy in my legs and am consequentially becoming a lot less comfortable and able on my feet, particularly standing/using the shower independently. A the moment I am managing on my own but it is a struggle and I don't feel that safe doing this entirely on my own.  If you value kindness, genuine connection, and making a difference please make contact."

We're looking for ideally two people to provide around 12 hours of support a week to a longstanding creative member of the Hackney community.

Meet our vibrant community member - a born storyteller, former advertising professional, and resilient individual who's been a face in the Hackney community for over 40 years. We're seeking a friendly and informal support worker to assist with cleaning, laundry, and occasional cooking while sharing laughs and chats along the way. If you're someone who values genuine connections and wants to make a difference, we'd love to speak to you!

💷 Rates of pay between £15-20/hr

🤝 Our Team Owner needs around 12 hours a week of support, ideally split between two people, to ensure the best care possible for our community member.

🕰️ Flexible visits: Morning from 9 am, evening until 8 pm ⏰

🚺 Would prefer a female support worker. 

💼 No personal care required.

🏡 Regular housekeeping and laundry assistance needed

🎨 Help revive his Art Club at Lime Tree Court!

🎾 Passionate tennis player at Springfield Park 

If you think this sounds like someone you'd like to support, please register your interest by following the link below.

Our new team in Clapton, Hackney, is looking for an additional member to strengthen our Team Owner’s network of support. 

Join a Caring Community in Clapton, Hackney!
If you're passionate about making a difference and embracing diversity, we'd love to have you on board!

Rate of Pay:

💷 With us, the rate of pay ranges between £16 and £20, ensuring fair compensation for your valuable contributions. Join our caring team today and be part of something meaningful!

About the Individual:

Since 1986, our community member has been self-managing their care, offering precise guidance on daily needs and mentoring their team of personal assistants. Now, they're seeking part-time Personal Assistants (PAs) to join and become active members of the Equal Care Cooperative. Newcomers to paid care work are welcome, with necessary guidance and training provided.

Support Needs:

🕰️ Flexible timing: Focus on evenings and mornings, with daily visits of 1-3 hours.

🛌 Assistance with bathing, daily living activities, admin tasks, and more.

💻 Skills in IT and availability for early morning visits are particularly valued.

Interests and Beliefs:

🤝 Sociable individual, enjoys engaging with others and making connections.

✡️ Strictly observant Orthodox Jew, with specific rules observed during prayer times and holy days.

🍴 Kitchen follows Kosher rules, colour-coded for ease of understanding.

Community Involvement:

♿ The Team Owner is actively involved in the disability movement and citizen advocacy, and is a public health Champion.

👨‍👧‍👦 They also coordinate care and admin for several others

Support Preferences:

🤝 Inclusivity, effective communication, flexibility, and teamwork are valued.

🎓 Appreciates carers who engage intellectually and take initiative.

🛡️ Religious and cultural sensitivity, adherence to safety protocols are essential.

If you're passionate about making a difference, embracing diversity, and being part of a supportive community, get in touch!