What we've done

Our Team

We have our initial team in place and a wider group of people giving their voluntary support and advice. 

Incorporation and bylaws

We're not a standard company with standard articles. Everything in our co-operative governance is completely bespoke to fit with our values, aims and mission.

Our Office

It may seem like a small thing in this world of virtual interactions but having a place to work from really helps! We moved into our office in July 2018.

Our Website

We now have a website to give you more information about Equal Care Co-op and to grow our membership.

What we're doing now

Setting up the platform

We are creating and testing the platform we'll be using to connect people wanting to give and people wanting to receive support.

Gathering support

We need to tell more people about us, so we're doing volunteer recruitment, social media work and blogging to welcome more members. 

Preparing our Community Share Offer

Unsurprisingly, there's quite a lot of work involved in developing and launching this sort of thing, so that's what's keeping us busy at the moment.

Running our Christmas Crowdfunder

We are working on a shoestring budget and need more support to get Equal Care going and our pilot up and running (do help us out if you can!).

The next three months

Launch the eccoo platform (invitation only)

We will curate a safe, trusted, information-rich platform to connect people who need support with those able to give it.

Recruit independent workers and local volunteers

We shall be recruiting experienced, independent care and support professionals together with local volunteers to provide informal help.

Start our first Circle of Equals

We will set up the first self-managing peer group of care and support workers in the Calder Valley. 

Recruit our group of people looking for support

We shall be working closely with an initial cohort of no more than twenty people to ensure that everything goes well. 

The next year

Launch our March Pioneer Community Share Offer

Our Share Offer shall be available for people to invest in and it will close at the end of the tax year... The share offer will (we hope) provide seed funding for full development and launch. 

Co-develop with our small community of users

We shall co-design and co-create our platform and service, working with groups happy to give detailed and critical feedback.

Start building the real deal

We're using a combination of off-the-shelf tools to get us up and running. Next year though, we will be starting on bespoke development of our platform and overall service.

Register with the Care Quality Commission

We don't believe that just being an introductory care service will result in good outcomes for everyone. So we shall offer it directly. This will enable us to offer excellent support and introduce stable employment contracts for workers.