What we've done

Our Team

We have our initial team in place and a wider group of fabulous people giving their voluntary support and advice. 

Our Website

We now have a website to give you more information about Equal Care Co-op and to grow our membership.

Incorporation and bylaws

We're not a standard company with standard articles. Everything in our co-operative governance is completely bespoke to fit with our values, aims and mission.

Our Office

It may seem like a small thing in this world of virtual interactions but having a place to work from really helps!

Run our Christmas Crowdfunder

We asked for help from the crowd and hit our target of £23,000 in donations!  We were supported by the co-operative community and many others who want to see changes in social care.

Recruited independent workers and local volunteers

We ran an open recruitment seeking experienced, independent care and support professionals together with local volunteers. We will re-open recruitment for paid workers in late Summer.

Participated in first ever Platform Co-op accelerator

Co-operatives UK ran UnFound last year, which we were part of. Lots of brilliant connections, learning (and work!) has emerged from this.

Secured feasibility and exploratory grant support

We have had support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Ideas and Pioneers Fund, we're a Nesta ShareLab grantee and we've been helped by Reach Foundation and Bright Ideas. 

What we're doing now

Prototyping the platform

We are prototyping and testing the platform we'll be using to connect people wanting to give and people wanting to receive support.

Starting our first Circle 

We are setting up the first self-managing peer group of care and support workers and community volunteers in the Calder Valley. 

Running our Pioneer Community Share Offer

Our Share Offer is open - we have raised our optimum amount and it will remain open until 14th August to enable some additional investment.

Welcoming our first group of independent workers

We have welcomed our first cohort of independent workers. This has included lots of training and support and learning as people start trying out self-governing, self-managing ways of working.

The next three months

Launch the eccoo platform (invitation only)

We will curate a safe, trusted, information-rich platform to connect people who need support with those able to give it.

Build our team

We are working on a combination of small grants at the moment and making up the rest through dedication and determination. After our share offer we'll be able to grow our team to ramp up our work.

Co-develop with our small community of users

We shall co-design and co-create our platform and service, working with groups happy to give detailed and critical feedback.

Recruit our group of people looking for support

We shall be working closely with an initial cohort of no more than ten people to ensure that everything goes well. 

The next year

Demo Day with the Finance Innovation Lab

We're participating in the Finance Lab incubator to develop our co-operative and our aspirations to enable abundant support in our communities. 'Demo Day' is the culmination of the programme.

Beta launch with our community of users

Our platform and service will launch within our immediate community..

Bring new circles together​

Our community support circles will start to grow and set up in new areas as part of 'Phase Two'

Register with the Care Quality Commission

We don't believe that just being an introductory care service will be right for everyone. Registering will enable us to offer excellent support and introduce stable employment contracts for workers.