Hello! This is us.

Line drawing portrait of Emma Back

Emma Adelaide Back

Setting up & Product

Emma has worked in social care and community development. Previously trustee for community based charity Stepney City Farm, then working for major mental health charity Richmond Fellowship and advocacy charity VoiceAbility, she offers insight into how support services are designed, developed and commissioned. She saw that power over how services are delivered sits with commissioners and managers. It's rare for people on the front-line to be in charge. 

Emma is leading on setting up Equal Care Co-op.
Line drawing portrait of Kate Hammon

Kate Hammon

People & Projects

Kate ran and transformed a small social enterprise (the Feel Good Bakery) working with ex-offenders getting back into work. She has  given front-line support in residential care settings. Kate has also had direct experience as a teen carer, being the main carer for her mum for several years before her death in 2007.

Kate is leading on our co-operative development,  communication and eccoo platform.
Line drawing portrait of Fran Watson

Fran Watson

Independent care & Care Coins

Fran runs Hebden Care, giving independent support working with older people. She managed the Moving into Work project for the learning disabilities social enterprise, Kerbside (Calderdale). She has also worked as Support Co-ordinator for social services. 

Fran is leading on mentoring and supporting 
independent workers and developing our early work with Care Coins.
Portrait of Amber Wright

Amber Wright

Membership, Learning & Circle Teams

Amber leads a team of Personal Assistants and has designed digital tools to facilitate person-centred support. Her work with small employers (people with disabilities employing their own staff) is award-winning and she has deep experience in creating support perfectly shaped to fit the person.

Amber chairs our board and facilitates many of our workshops.

Matthew Shallow

Policies & People

Matthew worked for Camphill Village Trust for over 20 years as a support worker for adults with special needs, also working in HR and finance. In his role as landcare and estates manager he supported a team of people with very different needs to work together on the land. He experienced how people with care and support needs often support each other whilst working together. He now works as a support worker in Halifax.

Matthew is writing policies and other documents as well as helping with recruitment and our share offer launch.

Line drawing portrait of Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee

Social Media & Peer Support

Kenny has completed an online course in Social Media Marketing, passing with distinction. He has worked at Mencap and has experience of both giving and receiving care and support. He is an activist for human and non-human rights and an equalities and rainbow campaigner. Kenny is a transgender man, having stopped living as female towards the end of 2014. He is receiving support for gender dysphoria, a number of serious physical health conditions and is neurodiverse. Kenny is a wheelchair user and uses various other mobility aids and adaptations.

Kenny is working on our social media. He is a peer supporter and all-round confidence-builder, using his experiences to mentor others.

We are the core delivery team at Equal Care Co-op (though baby Asher doesn't do very much) and we are welcoming new members and volunteers on board. 

We are planning to grow over 2019 and will be offering a mixture of salaried, freelance and independent care and support roles.