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We are providing a programme of learning on self governance, sociocracy, care and support and co-operation. You need to be part of our network to participate - either giving, arranging or getting support, a member of Equal Care Co-op, a member of a Circle or just generally helping out and keen. If you want to join, the easiest way is to head over to the gift your time section to share your details or give us a call. All sessions happen over video conferencing.

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We have set up Equal Care Co-op to bring to the forefront and balance the interests of the people ​at the heart of the care and support relationship.

Diagram of our voting structure
Supported Member icon

Supported Member

You are being regularly supported by Equal Care Co-op (whether that's voluntary or paid support).

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Advocate Member

Your relative or friend is being supported by Equal Care Co-op but they cannot be a Member themselves.

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Worker Member

You are regularly contributing your labour to Equal Care Co-op, whether that's paid or voluntary work.

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Investor Member

You support our aims and have invested in our Community Share Offer.

The Members' Commitment

1. The bigger Equal Care Co-op vision matters to me
2. I will make efforts to learn about the co-operative principles and the work of Equal Care Co-op
3. As far as I am able, I will participate actively in shaping the co-operative and help safeguard its future

Members are bound by Equal Care Co-op's Rules and Bylaws. You can download a complete copy of the Registered Rules and find the bylaws at: