Offer paid care and support

We are recruiting experienced care and support workers in the Upper Calder Valley to offer support in people's homes on an independent basis.

You can read more about the role of independent worker below and take a look at our faq. Please be aware that a successful application does not mean guaranteed work, so if you need a job urgently, this is not the place! 

What are the steps?

Fill in the short expression of interest by clicking the button above and letting us know you want us to contact you when we reopen applications.

We will get in touch to arrange a one to one. This is not an interview! 

If you're happy with everything and keen to go ahead, we will email you the application form. 

We''ll then invite you to interview with our panel (there will be at least one person receiving and one person giving support on the interview panel).

All being well, we'll invite you to join our second cohort (circle) of independent workers. Alternatively, we may ask you to wait and join a following cohort.

We give you a biiig welcome to Equal Care Co-op and match you with people looking for support.

Independent care & support worker

Job Description
Becoming an independent worker through the eccoo platform is a very special opportunity to join a co-operative whilst staying fully in control of how, when and where you work. You set your own rates and select your own clients. We find the people who are right for you to support and help to get you both connected.


You are a unique individual with unique talents, interests and skills. The best care and support relationships happen when both the caregiver and care receiver's needs are being met. For you, this may involve having work close to home, or work with people living with particular conditions. For the person, it may be being supported by a woman or by someone who loves to chat. The listings you post through the eccoo platform will reflect your individual offering: it may be personal care, gentle yoga, support with mobility or specialist care. It may be wellbeing and mindfulness or accompanying people to festivals and events.


The common factor in all of this is for each of you - the person giving and the person getting support - to have choice over the things that matter. 


The role will involve:

    • Giving care and support to people in their own homes
    • Crafting and posting up to five, high-quality listings on our private platform (we will help!)
    • Facilitated matching with clients
    • Co-ordinating informal support networks with your clients, including connecting them with peer support
    • Where possible and where appropriate, giving your clients the opportunities, confidence and support to help others themselves.
    • Optionally offering peer support/mentoring to other workers near you
    • Optionally organising socials with other workers near you


We will do all the work around finding and welcoming people who would like support, finding the best matches for you and giving you opportunities to  develop in your career both personally and professionally.

What's required
  • You have offered or you are currently offering care and support (you may be doing this independently, being employed directly by the person you support or being employed by an agency)
  • You are registered self-employed with HMRC or will register before starting to offer support through Equal Care Co-op
  • You have an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check
  • You have insurance cover in place or will get cover before starting to offer support
  • You have worked as a care and support professional for at least one year 
  • You can provide excellent references: one from a previous employer and one from somebody you have supported directly
  • You have an up-to-date care qualification
  • You are willing to learn about co-operative ways of working, about co-production, self-managing teams and circle-based decision-making, peer support and digital inclusion. Bear in mind this may be significantly different from what you are used to!
What are the benefits
  • Set your own rates, decide your own hours. Be as flexible as you need to be. 
  • We help you keep control of your book-keeping. You can submit your expenses and we will generate your end-of-year statement for HMRC (though bear in mind this won't include income you receive from outside of your work through eccoo)
  • Discounted access to training and continuous professional development
  • Access to advice on managing self-employment
  • Peer support (you are not alone!)
  • Back-up for your clients when you are on holiday or ill
  • Regular work from a larger pool of people who are looking for support. If somebody suddenly goes into hospital, for example, you can still find work to keep up your income
  • Sense of being part of a team whilst also being your own boss
  • (If you would like) you will also have priority access to salaried employment opportunities as eccoo goes from strength to strength. 

​frequently asked questions

Is being an independent worker the same as being on a zero hours contract?
No. Being on a zero hours contract is a good way for the employer to have all of the power and flexibility involved in carework. It's typically offered as ad-hoc shift work, where you don't know who you'll be supporting or where you'll be going. You have no say over the hourly rate and you may even get penalties for not being on-hand the moment the employer wants you. Being an independent worker means you choose when and where you work, you set your own rates and you work with your own clients (you are part of their team!). 
Are you able to guarantee hours?
Not at the moment. We're too small! We shall, however, be offering guaranteed hours employment contracts to complement the independent work. If there is not enough work available to people there are a variety of things we can do to fix this. This includes publicising the service, broadening access to the platform and doing outreach activities with people who may be looking for support. 
How will you help me stay safe?
As part of facilitating a match we carry out a trust and safety review. You'll know who you are supporting and any concerns in advance. If there's a requirement for specialised training we will let you know and we will never connect people without the right level of experience. We will also set up paired working in some circumstances.
I don't live in the Upper Calder Valley. Is this an issue?
At the moment, yes, sorry. However, please tell us you are interested in working with us (top of this page) as we have lovely plans for growing and want to hear from people keen on starting in their own locations. The most important thing about growing our work is that it is started and owned by the people living in that place.
How does the charging and payment process work?
You agree a trial few hours or days with a person wanting support, they pay in advance and once the trial is completed you receive the fee that you have set, minus the co-operative commission of 15%. We keep the funds in escrow to make it easier to sort out issues or concerns (for both of you). When you agree regular support hours we do the same thing on a weekly basis.
Do I have a contract with Equal Care Co-op or the person I'm supporting? Or both?!
You agree Terms of Use with Equal Care Co-op and a contract for services with the person you're supporting. We help you set this all up.
If you match me with someone local do I have to continue going through Equal Care?
At the moment, yes, we are including a non-solicitation clause in our Terms of Use. Our fees are already very low and we are investing time and energy into creating a trusted, well-curated way people can get support. 

That said, for straightforward situations we do understand that this can be an issue - for example, you find out that your neighbour needs support and there aren't any co-ordination complexities involved or a requirement that they have regulated care. 

We don't want to get in the way, but we still need to ensure the co-operative can cover costs of recruiting and selecting excellent workers. We're looking at ways to be able to continue facilitating trusted support (i.e. to make sure we're sustainable) and also making it okay to disengage from the platform after finding regular work. This will probably take the form of a finder's fee of some sort and possibly an embargo on finding further work through us for a set period of time - of course, you can always join the co-operative and help us tackle this challenge!