You are looking for support in Calderdale

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We are developing in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. ​It's a lovely part of the world.​ 

We are starting and growing very carefully, quietly and gently.

This means that we give people invitations rather than open access. This helps us to work closely with you.

Our ability to connect you with somebody wonderful depends on where you live and what you want. 

We will focus on areas where we know there are more people who would like to find support. We are working with a small cohort of people getting support while we're in our pilot year.

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frequently asked questions

How do the invitations work?

We work on a referral basis - so it's friends and family referring others they think will benefit. We are doing it this way because we think it's the best way to build our community and make sure we can offer excellent support. We don't want to grow quickly. We want to grow well. Once we have worked with our initial group of people wanting to find support, we will broaden our invitations to those who have got in touch with us through other means.

Why are you different?

We are a co-operative, owned by the people who give and receive support. We are using technology to ensure much more of the hourly rate can go direct to workers rather than the 50% that's usual for care agencies. Receiving care and support all the time can actually make people more unwell, so we help the people getting support to share their skills, experience and kindness with others who will benefit.

How much do you pay your support workers?

Everyone offering support through eccoo is (currently) doing so as an independent worker. In order to run the platform and ensure we are curating trusted offers of support, we take 15% of every hour of support paid for. This is the lowest compared to other care platforms (typically 20/25%) and much, much lower than traditional agencies (typically 50%). Workers tend to get between £12-£15 per hour.

Do I have to join the co-operative in order to get support?

No, joining the co-operative as a Member is entirely voluntary and you are not restricted from getting support if you choose not to become a Member. You can find out more about membership here.

Do you provide a care and support service?

At the moment, we are categorised as an 'Introductory Agency', which means we only have responsibility for connecting you with someone who can support you. This is different from saying we provide the support. We fully intend to become a regulated provider of support in the Spring which means we shall be able to help with support planning and review and monitor the any personal care you are getting.

Do you put care workers on zero hour contracts?

Absolutely not. Currently, all care and support workers are independent, meaning they have full control over their hours, their fees and who they work with. We shall be offering employment contracts eventually but these will all be with guaranteed hours and will cover travel time. We strongly disapprove of the widespread practice of offering zero hour contracts, which can easily result in poor pay and appalling working conditions for care workers. So we don't offer them.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we ask you to agree to our Terms of Use and you also sign a contract between you and the person giving you support. We help you with this.

How do I know I'll get a good support worker?

Our care and support workers go through a vetting process, which involves an identity, Disclosure and Barring Service check, references and qualifications check, application form and face-to-face interview. Both of you will be able to have a trial period before committing to regular support.

What if there's an issue?

We will help you both work through any issues - often, 95% of problems can be worked out with good communication and kind, open discussion. If things really aren't working out, you can decide to choose someone else to support you. We have a Problem-solving and Good Ideas Policy, which sets this out in more detail.

Will you help me find the right support?

Yes, we can help you find the right person to support you. It's just once the support has started that we won't have any involvement in the way the regulated activities are planned (this includes personal care). This is a temporary state of affairs and we shall update this FAQ as soon as we register with the Care Quality Commission.