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20.11.18 05:04 PM Comment(s) By Emma

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I'm Nadia Clarke, I have cerebral palsy, this happened because when I was born there was not enough oxygen going to my brain the doctors did not find out until I was 15 months old. The day after my parents found out we went on a family holiday to Cornwall – CP never stopped me eating lovely ice creams! When I was 2 we found out I am Deaf, psychologists came to my house 3 different times, they thought I was hearing. When I was in nursery they realised I didn’t listen to stories and copy other children, I went to hospital the doctor checked my ear, he told mum I can hear road works, (THEY ARE VERY NOISY!) my mum cried because I can’t hear her sing – which is a good thing – she can’t sing! Hahaha. 

I had cochlear implant surgery when I was 5, I hated it at first for 2 weeks I really didn’t like it- it was a big change. I used sign language and then I also started learning to use AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) my mum went to a conference and found out lots of information, I was the first Deaf child to use a Dynavox communication device but it was hard work I had to learn what all the words mean in English before I could use them correctly, it was a struggle. 

Nadia at equal care design day
Nadia at an Equal Care design day

My mother forced me to practice practice PRACTICE! – my parents wanted me to go to mainstream school we campaigned for 2 years- we even moved from Northumberland to Yorkshire to make sure I was in the right school – during the campaign I went to London and gave a letter to Tony Blair. 

I went to mainstream school and college now I am doing some volunteer journalism for equal care coop. This is something I am really excited about because I love to meet new people. I am interested in learning about people with disabilities and about their lives and working with equal care to improve and change their everyday lives by improving social care!

I hope you enjoy my blogs – I plan to blog about technology used by disabled people starting with wheelchairs and then communication aids. I will be conducting interviews and sending out questionnaires WATCH THIS SPACE 😊